20 October 2006

Script Friday: SubEthaEdit Server

SubEthaEdit is a great tool to share and collaborate on text documents. However to share a document you need a machine that is available to the internet (not behind a NAT or firewall) and has to be on, not very friendly for laptop users.

Use this script to turn your home server into a SubEthaEdit Server. On how to setup your home server, dyndns and the router I will leave that as a exercise for the attentive reader. SubEthaEdit 2 uses a port range of 6942-6951.

This script will open all the documents in ~/Documents/SubEthaEdit Server Documents/ and turn the sharing on. Then it will periodically save all open documents. You can use SubEthaEdit from your client to connect. Try my SubEthaEdit Server!

You can actually get the code for the script there. I was tempted to have that be the only place but eventually I will turn that off again so I will also put it this article so it ends up in the archive. This however a wonderful chance to directly put feedback in to the code. Much more interactive than comments!

SubEthaEdit Server (click link to open script in Script Editor)

Save as application and check the "Stay open" option. Then set the script as a login item and set that user to automatically login. This is generally a bad idea on a server but SubEthaEdit has no background deamon to do the serving so we have to use the GUI app. Please give the Codingmonkeys lots of feedback that we want this feature!

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