06 November 2007

Open Sourced Heavy metal

The amazing Quicksilver is now open source. I am sure much goodness will follow.

29 October 2007

Fastest Windows Vista Notebook

... according to this PC World article. This is too fun.

19 October 2007

Why I don't like iTunes Ringtones

This must seriously be the most annoying "feature" ever. And it is not for the lack of trying either. But every time I think 'This would be a good ringtone" it is either not available as a ringtone or I bought the song on CD or something else goes wrong. Why a label or artist would decide to not offer songs as ringtones is beyond me. Hello? I am trying to give you extra money?

16 July 2007

Cancel confused drags

It's always fun if you're sitting in a group of people everybody is hacking at their laptops and somebody says "I wish I could do this..." and the answer is really simple:

While dragging an item between windows using Exposé and other fancy stuff you might get confused and or lost. You can't just let go because the item be moved or copied to a place you don't want it to be. Use escape to cancel a drag at any time.

29 June 2007

01 May 2007

TED talks now online...

This might be old news for you (it did happen a few days ago already) but TED now has a website with talks and performances in audio and video: TED. You have to endure BMW ads (they are the sponsor) but there could be worse sponsors and it's definitely worth it.

If you are overwhelmed by te choices of movies: this is a good place to start: David Pogue says Simplicity sells. We all enjoy some Microsoft bashing, don't we?

20 April 2007

Delivery Status

This my favorite widget right now: Delivery Status.